Posted on Mon 14 August 2023 in Projects

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About the Project

The project will deliver a Bioeconomy Foresight Analysis providing a clear roadmap towards a sustainable bioeconomy for Ireland, along with the tools to rigorously measure progress towards this objective. InformBio combines data driven research, analysis, and modelling with input from expert thematic groups, ensuring robust and informed outcomes for industry, policy makers and other relevant groups.

By integrating biomass mapping, value-chain analysis, life-cycle assessment and scenario modelling, the project, for the first time, attempts to quantify the potential of the bioeconomy to contribute to Ireland’s climate and sustainability targets.

Moreover, the project positions Ireland as a front-runner among EU member states, by developing a prototype national bioeconomy monitoring system, enabling stakeholders to track the development and progress of the national bioeconomy against key bioeconomy indicators.

Role of FUSION research

FUSION researchers act as Bioeconomy life cycle assessment lead for the InformBio project