Posted on Mon 14 August 2023 in Projects

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About the Project

The SAOLWood Project is a joint project between the Timber Engineering Research Group at the University of Galway (University of Galway), The University of Limerick (UL) and the Technological University Dublin (TU Dublin). The project aims to minimise the carbon footprint of construction projects by promoting greater use of sustainable timber solutions in place of high embodied carbon materials and delivering a comprehensive database for improved lifecycle assessment of the impacts of utilising locally sourced Irish wood products in the built environment.

The main objectives of the SAOLWood Project are:

  • To review Irish construction practices on monitoring and tracking the environmental performance of materials used in construction.
  • To create a new national database of lifecycle data for harvested wood products.
  • To examine the life cycle performance and reduce the impacts during construction and deconstruction.
  • To quantify the environmental, economic and social impacts of locally-sourced Irish timber products to support informed decisions by building designers, contractors, planners, developers and policy-makers.

Role of FUSION research

FUSION researchers act as wood value chain lead for the RADIANT project